Friday, April 09, 2010

Three things I don't want to forget

-The line leader constantly stepping on the foot bed of my flip flop and saying sorry while we were both giggling.
-Painting ocean scenes like Eric Carle. A student said, "Mrs. Johnston, you have paint all over your hands!!!" Me replying excitedly, "I don't care! I love paint!" Smiles all around.
-We were told to pick the dandelions in the field to help the maintenance staff. This is obviously a hobby of the students, so it was very much fun for them. I hope I never forget this mental image of this sweet blonde boy with big brown eyes and freckles running towards me with a closed fist, yelling my name, smiling huge. He opened his fist to hand me some scrunched up dandelions and I could see the yellow staining his hands, dirt, and blue paint on his sweaty palm. Oh this got me!

Today was joyful. Life is beautiful. I love love love my job. There could be nothing better than to work with children.


Christine said...

This makes me so happy!

Rachel said...

i am so glad you are treasuring these moments. i agree, there's nothing like working with kids. they bring so much joy.