Wednesday, April 14, 2010

T.J. and Jamie!

I've been keeping a big secret for over a month! On Monday, TJ and Jamie became engaged! I could not be more excited and happy for them. They are a perfect couple. Taylor and I introduced them to each other after Jamie caught T.J.'s eye in Barnes and Noble one winter evening. The next summer, Taylor and I were married and they began to date. T.J.'s proposal was so sweet and thoughtful. It involved rose petals, Christmas lights, 600+ cards telling their story, and a complete surprise that T.J. was in Peoria instead of Phoenix! Do you know how hard it is to talk to your best friend, knowing that their boyfriend is planning this monumental event? Very hard! I'm glad that stage of this is done. I'm so looking forward to seeing what they plan to do with their lives over the next few years. I love you guys!!

And here is one of the beautiful bride to be, reading to my class on Monday, just a few hours before the engagement. She's so cute!

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