Saturday, June 05, 2010

Thoughts on the first week with Penny

Eating DQ on Grandview Drive with my favorite person and favorite pup!

We have had Penny home for one week now. It has been a whirlwind! I'm glad I have this blog to document our experience with getting a dog. Here are a few things about our first week with our little 12 week old puppy:

  • The first night was the worst. She cried so loud and it was so sad. But we didn't come to her at all and just reassured her with words from a distance. I am so glad we stuck it out the first couple of nights because now she sleeps on her own without whining or scratching. (There is a little little bit at first, but then she sleeps.) She even goes into her kennel sometimes on her own to take a rest. 
  • About sleeping...I had no idea baby puppies sleep as much as she does! I love when she's sleeping though. It's a nice break and she's so sweet and cute when she sleeps. She loves sleeping on my lap or arms or shoulders. I love when she dreams. She twitches and her paws run a little! Right now she's sleeping so soundly on my lap with her little paws folded up under her chin. 
  • Housebreaking is going okay. It's a big and constant job though. I know it will only get better as she gets older and has the ability to hold it more. She's doing a great job for her first week here. 
  • She loves me the most and really only feels comfortable with me. This is a frustrating thing because I wish she was more willing to go to other people. Hopefully with time she'll grow out of this. We work on it whenever there are other people around, too. Even with Taylor. 
  • She barks at funny things. She always barks at her reflection or anything that looks out of place to her. It has been really hard teaching her not to bark. We say no and hold her mouth (when it's unnecessary or annoying) but she keeps doing it. We let her bark when she plays, but we're trying to discourage barking at people or things. I hope she gets it!
  • She did a good job from the start eating dry dog food. She eats one little kibble at a time and has yet to eat her full day's ration. It takes her so long to eat and her attention is very easily distracted. We give her some soft food because she gobbles it up and we give her Nutri-Cal so she is getting all she needs. The vet said she could gain a little weight. She weighs 2 1/2 pounds this week.
  • Playing with her is so fun. She loves her toys and loves to chase them and chew on them. When she's running she is clumsy. I don't know how many times a day she runs through her water and food or knocks it over. She likes to roll around on her back and tummy when she has a toy in her mouth. 
  • Chewing on things that don't belong to her....also a constant and big job. We have to be very diligent and consistent with telling her no because she likes to put anything soft in her mouth. Rugs, clothes, blankets, no cords yet though! Anytime she runs out of eyesight she is probably doing something she's not supposed to be doing. She has to be watched all the time!
  • We love her so so much. When we go somewhere and leave her home we (or at least I think this!) want to get back home soon to make sure she's okay. I really don't like leaving her alone:( I know this will get easier, too. Sometimes we look at her sitting on the floor and can't believe we have such a cute little puppy. I guess it feels a little surreal still. I will write again after we've had her for 1 month to see what's changed!

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