Monday, September 06, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things on this Labor Day Weekend

Grandview Drive picnic and walk for dinner on Saturday...

Then we visited Bed Bath and Beyond to look at Keurig coffee makers. We decided on the Platinum QuietBrew. Yay! I think we'll get it this week.

Next, we went to find the Tricentennial Tree, a 300+ year old Bur Oak Tree. They think it was planted around 1499, but there are a few opinions. It is so huge! These pictures are from the Park District and Journal Star.

We also got Starbucks and went to the record store for Taylor. Then we went home and watched Amelie and played with our sweet puppy! Sunday, we went to church, ate at our favorite pizza restaurant, Firehouse Pizza, and then we were pretty lazy for the rest of the day.

Monday morning, we attempted to find a farmer's market, but everything was closed. We tried Apple Blossom Farm, but it was kind of disappointing as far as fresh produce. They didn't have any trees that we could pick from. We got a few apples and we shared an apple cider slush and an apple cider doughnut. The highlight of this trip was the bunnies......
Jail Bunny and Teacher Bunny.

Next, we had lunch and went to the Peoria Zoo. My favorite animal was the Red Hog in the Africa exhibit. Piglets had just been born and they were too cute.
Can you see the four little piggies? They were playful and snuggly.

We came home and Taylor watched a movie while I baked cookies, in preparation for Meet the Teacher Night coming up next week.

Last, we went to the Johnston's house for burgers and we played a fun game of Countdown. What a great weekend!

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