Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beef and Broccoli and Car Shopping

Today I made beef and broccoli that was almost as good as restaurant beef and broccoli. I think it was healthier though, so I'll take that. It was lighter and had a lot less sodium. This recipe uses round steak, which is an inexpensive way to eat red meat instead of hamburger. It's a little tough, but marinating helps. I found this recipe here at I love that the website has comments and pictures, especially when 500 people have given a recipe a 4 star review. It is so helpful! Here are just a few suggestions from the comments that I followed when making mine:
  • Marinate the beef overnight in 2 tbs soy sauce, a little ginger (I used the paste found in the produce aisle by the herbs and fresh ginger. This is just much easier I think.), a little garlic, and a little oil. I'm really not into measuring apparently. Slicing meat the night before also really saves on prep time when you're hungry.
  • I made extra sauce because I had extra beef broth and I was glad I did. I probably made 1/4 more. 
  • I added carrots and water chestnuts because I had them on hand. 
In other news...we are car shopping right now. It's expensive, but exciting! I think we're getting a small SUV, like a Toyota Rav 4 or a Ford Escape. I'm so happy about that! I'm done with regular ol cars. 

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