Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ranch Chicken and Smashed Red Potatoes

SMASHED RED POTATOES! These were so yummy and pipping hot...and so filled with butter and good things. (That's okay sometimes!) I also added just a little bit of garlic to the mix. The recipe was found here and was, of course, very easy. Easy is a major requirement for me. The chicken seemed great because I had everything on hand, but it was just meh, okay. I think it was one of the high rated chicken recipes from, so I'm sure it was good, but it wasn't my favorite. Here's the link. I served these dishes with a plain baby spinach salad with dressing, which was a welcomed change from ice berg. Baby spinach is so delicious. We'll be eating leftovers for awhile, so I doubt I'll have a recipe post for a bit...however, I do feel like baking something!

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