Sunday, March 28, 2010

Passion Tea Lemonade & Amelia Bedelia

I should buy some passion tea bags and lemonade mix and just have this on hand at home all the time, because it's just so soo good. Today I had this at BN with a friend called Cassie and stocked up on Amelia Bedelia books for my classroom library. It is just my happiest place. In 2nd grade we had to do a book report where we dressed up like a character and then acted like them, telling about the story. I did Amelia Bedelia because I loved her funny stories. She does things like this: She is told to throw a surprise wedding shower, so she hides with a hose and sprays the bride and yells surprise! My high level readers will be reading her books during reading groups this week! I'm wondering if they will get the humor. They're just starting to understand puns and so I think this will go over well.

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