Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Bye Old Church

Next Sunday will be our first Sunday in the new church, so Taylor took this with the panoramic setting on his phone. This past Sunday, there was a really awesome video with scenes from Grace way back when it started. I just love seeing old fashioned church clothes and hair and styles! There was also a quick clip of our wedding in it at the very end! Dad had everyone stand who had been married, baptized, or met God for the first time in this building. It was an emotional moment to see so many people stand. I've only been going to Grace for a few years, but I do have some good memories in that church...getting married, getting to know my in-law fam, hearing moving sermons from my father in law, watching the splendor of Grace Family Christmas, the amazing bagpipes, the Revival, great moments and laughs with my jr. high girls small group in the Dunn Center, and so much more. I am someone who gets very attached to physical things and places, and change can be really tough on me on the inside. We were reminded that the church building is JUST a building. We can worship and praise God wherever we want. We will continue to do that in the new building, and everywhere. I am so thankful for this great blessing God has given us and I hope we use it according to His will!

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rachel said...

i was sad to miss the last sunday. it didn't occur to me that we wouldn't be going back there! so many memories.